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How to use Mala Beads to Enhance Your Meditation Practice?

Whether you are a beginner to meditation or practice regularly, keeping the mind from wandering can be challenging. This is where Mala Beads come in: as tactile tools or anchors to bring your focus back to the present moment, notice your thoughts, reconnect with your intention, and manifest your dreams.

Meditating with your Mala beads

You can use your Mala to count mantras, affirmations, or breaths. (You can also simply hold them in your hands to anchor you back if your mind begins to wonder.)

1.  Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit. This can be on a cushion with legs crossed, sitting on your heels, or in a chair. The important things is to keep your spine straight. Take a moment and begin to draw awareness to your breath.

2.  Always hold your Mala in your right hand. Once you feel calm and centered, hold your mala in your right hand draped between your middle and index finger.  The Guru Bead is not counted but used as a starting and ending point. Starting at the first bead after the guru bead, use your thumb to move from one bead to the next by pulling the mala towards you.

3. With each passing bead, recite your mantra/affirmation, or start counting each breath. You can do this out loud, in a whisper, or silently in your head until you reach the guru bead. Each bead counts as one complete mantra, affirmation, or one full breath (inhale-exhale)

4.  Complete 108 repetitions. Once you reach the guru bead at the end of your meditation, take a moment to sit quietly and observe your breath before moving.  If you choose to continue your meditation, flip the Mala around so the guru bead is below your thumb and continue your meditation.

5.  Store your mala in a sacred space.  When finished, if you're not wearing your Mala, be sure to keep it in a safe, clean and sacred place, for example, among other crystals or on an alter. Keeping your Mala in the pouch or a Ziplock bag will help keep the precious metals from tarnishing. If any tarnishing occurs, gently polish them with a polishing cloth. For more on this refer to our Materials & Care guide. 

Here are a couple more ways you can incorporate Mala magic into your life:

Intention setting

Mala beads serve as a physical reminder of your intentions. I always set an intention when I begin working with a new mala. Think of intention setting as the initiation or first step towards reaching your goals, hopes, or desires. Setting intentions brings more purpose and direction into your life, inspiring you to take more aligned action. 

*HOT TIP* Once you decide on a specific intention, try using your Mala to count 108 repetitions to connect and energetically charge your Mala with your intention.

Healing properties of the gemstones

Our Mala beads are hand-knotted with grade A - AAA gemstones. Gemstones are the most orderly formation in nature and are structured to respond to the different energies, leading them to oscillate, sway, and emit specific vibratory frequencies. Working with the energetics of particular gemstones that resonate with your intention (for example, attracting abundance or enhancing self-love) is as easy as wearing your Mala around your neck or wrist when you need that extra boost. Learn more.


Above all, I want you to know that there is no right or wrong way to use your Mala beads. Feel free to get creative and find new ways that resonate if none of the suggestions above do.  

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