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    Solar Eclipse Blessings

    Solar Eclipse Blessings

    On Monday August 21, we will witness what is said to be one of the biggest cosmic events of our lifetime.  (Exciting!) The first of its kind since 1918, this solar eclipse —when the New Moon passes between the sun and Earth and partially or fully blocks the sun — will be seen by millions in North America.  Although Solar eclipses happen every 18 months or so, they are rarely ever witnessed by such a huge collective of people.   Solar eclipses are known to be portals for personal and...

    My Little Story about My Little Mantra

    My Little Story about My Little Mantra

      The journey of My Little Mantra began in 2013 on my second trip to India. After living the simple life in Tulum, Mexico for over 5 years, I was introduced to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga and fell in love with the discipline, dedication and clarity that I felt after every practice. And so I decided to go to the source and delve deeper into the lineage.                    This is where I made my first mala. What started as a desire to create and personalize something that i...

    WHY 108?

    WHY 108?

    108 has held great significance in many traditions throughout history and can be attributed to so many extraordinary things!

    Crystal Healing

    So, how in the world can a stone actually help you heal?Sounds crazy and part of a 'new age' trend, i know, but crystals are living formations that have been growing on this earth since the beginning of time! In fact, ancient cultures considered healing crystals and stones a major part of their existence.It is believed that the Atlantians were the first to work with crystals and harness their energies to enhance their connection with the cosmos.The Romans used talismans and amulets for good health, abundance and protection.The ancient Egyptians...

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