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Adornment is intentional beauty - a powerful tool for self-expression and personal transformation.

Amidst the chaos and busyness of our modern world, it can be easy to lose sight of our inner selves and forget the power of presence. But at My Little Mantra, we understand that the intentional act of adornment can be a gateway to a deeper sense of self-awareness and spiritual connection.

Our beautiful jewelry is not just an accessory, but a tangible expression of your values and inner truth. Each piece is crafted with ancient wisdom and infused with meaning, so that you can wear it as a reminder of your intentions and manifest your desires with purpose.

Adorning yourself with My Little Mantra jewelry is a practice of mindful living. It is a conscious choice to connect with your inner being and honor your authentic self. With each piece, you create a sacred bond between your physical environment and your spiritual and emotional worlds within.

Our jewelry is more than just a pretty trinket; it is an anchor for your soul. It helps you ground yourself in the present moment and overcome negative thoughts and emotions with positivity and self-love. It is a living, breathing mantra that resonates with your innermost desires and attracts those who share your vision.

At My Little Mantra, we believe that adornment is intentional beauty - a powerful tool for self-expression and personal transformation. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and manifest your innermost desires with beauty, grace, and intention.

about the designer

My Inspiration.

Greetings, I'm Candace, the mystical mastermind behind My Little Mantra and at my side is our MVP (Most Valuable Pet) - my fur baby, Streets. She's my constant source of love, inspiration, and positivity, and I'm so grateful to have her by my side as I pursue my passion for creating meaningful jewelry.

I design jewelry that's like a trusty sidekick to my customers' inner superheroes. Each piece is crafted with care and intention, using high-quality materials that are meant to last a lifetime. But, more than just being beautiful accessories, my jewelry is a symbol of self-awareness and authenticity.

I'm passionate about fostering self-discovery and transformation through my designs and seeing people flaunt my creations as a symbol of their journey is truly humbling. It fills me with a sense of awesomeness and purpose to know that I'm contributing to their growth and helping them express themselves mindfully.

My journey with jewelry began in India in 2008, where I created my first Mala necklace. The process of stringing beads and tying knots became a meditation in itself, bringing me to a state of blissful stillness.

Since then, I've delved into various healing arts like Herbalism, Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Nutrition, Yoga, and Meditation. My Little Mantra is the manifestation of my passion for holistic wellness and my desire to share this journey with you.

For me, creating jewelry is more than just a job - it's a calling. It reminds me to live with intention and to be true to myself, just as I encourage my customers to do. So, if you're looking for jewelry that's not just stylish, but also meaningful and empowering, My Little Mantra is the place for you.

Join me in infusing your life with intention and magic, and let My Little Mantra be your guide to a more mindful, connected, and inspired life.

Every purchase has purpose

Why choose us?

Our purpose: Our purpose is to help you adorn your mind, body, and spirit with intention. We create handcrafted mala beads that serve as tools for mindfulness, healing, and spiritual growth. Whether you use them for meditation or wear them as a daily reminder of your intention, our mala beads are designed to inspire a
sense of creativity and calmness in your life.

Our values: Our values are rooted in the power of reciprocity. By healing ourselves, we can connect more deeply with the natural world and become better stewards of the planet. My Little Mantra believes in the transformative power of meditation and intentional living, and we strive to inspire our community to make a positive impact on the world. 

Our quality:  Our quality is unmatched. Each piece of jewelry is crafted with care and attention to detail in the mystical mountains of Sintra, Portugal. We curate a collection of gemstone beads that are not only beautiful, but also powerful and of the highest quality.

Our Commitment: Our commitment is to give back to the world that inspires us. We partner with grassroots organizations that are making a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants. We donate with gratitude for the dedicated work that they do, and we are committed to making a positive impact on the world through our business. Learn more here. 

Choose My Little Mantra and join us on a journey of self-discovery, mindfulness, and positive impact on the world.

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