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Crystal Healing

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So, how in the world can a stone actually help you heal?

Sounds crazy and part of a 'new age' trend, i know, but crystals are living formations that have been growing on this earth since the beginning of time! In fact, ancient cultures considered healing crystals and stones a major part of their existence.

It is believed that the Atlantians were the first to work with crystals and harness their energies to enhance their connection with the cosmos.

The Romans used talismans and amulets for good health, abundance and protection.

The ancient Egyptians used quartz to guide the deceased in the afterlife, Lapis Lazuli to promote enlightenment and awareness and to open the third eye, Malachite to promote inner visions and to ward off infection and Amazonite for good luck and fertility.

The Greeks used Hematite for strength and protection during battle,  and amethyst was believed to prevent drunkness and hangovers.

In India, Ayurvedic medicine uses crystals to restore emotional or metaphysical imbalances.  The Hindu Vedas also reference the Navratnas, or the nine sacred gemstones, which have a profound effect on human life.

The list goes on...

But HOW does it work?

Crystals are in fact the most orderly formation that exist in nature and are structured in a way that respond to the different energies around them, leading them to oscillate, or sway, and emit specific vibratory frequencies.

In this day and age, we know that all things in the universe are made of energy and vibrate at their own frequency.  Electromagnetism and quantum theory have proven what the ancients already knew; when two objects or bodies come into contact or occupy the same space, they have the ability to shift or alter each others vibrational frequency.  So, through the physical law of resonance, when we bring a crystal into our energy field, the electromagnetic frequencies of the stone will vibrate with our own frequency and cause a third, larger vibration field.  This shift in our subtle energy body affects our nervous system which in turn sends the information to the brain.  The harmonized frequency then stimulates a biochemical shift which affects us in positive healing ways.


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