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What is the Reticular Activating System (RAS)??

The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a bundle of nerves at the brain stem that acts as a filtration system between your subconscious and conscious minds. Without the RAS, we wouldn't be able to cope with all the information in our surroundings. So, the RAS filters billions of bits of information that the brain is processing per second, and it only allows what is important to the conscious mind into its awareness. It's why you can be in a noisy room with a crowd of people yet immediately snap to attention when someone says your name. Or you decide to buy a red car, and suddenly you begin to see red cars everywhere, and even though they were always there, your RAS is filtering for you.


By filtering information and controlling attention, the RAS allows you to focus your thoughts and energy on specific things you want to manifest while filtering out distractions and negative thoughts. Make the conscious decision to set intentions, meditate, repeat affirmative thoughts, write them down, visualize them, and take small steps toward them. They will begin to manifest because your RAS will start to notice all the people, opportunities, and experiences that align with your manifestation goals.




How to get RAS to work for you?

How you program your RAS is essential because RAS hates conflict. So, it seeks data that validates your current beliefs. This is where Affirmation and Intention setting becomes more than woo-woo spiritual practices, but instead grounded in neuroscience! This blog will discuss two ways to get your RAS working to achieve your goals and live your best life.


1) Affirmations

Your RAS can work with affirmations to help manifest desired outcomes. Affirmations are positive statements or declarations that you repeat to change your beliefs and thoughts. When you consistently repeat affirmations, your RAS begins to pay attention to these statements and actively seek out experiences and circumstances that align with them. Over time, the repeated affirmations can rewire your thought patterns, leading to a shift in your beliefs and actions and helping you manifest your desired outcomes. The use of affirmations combined with a focused RAS can be a powerful tool for manifestation and personal growth.


Using mala beads to recite affirmations helps create a physical connection between the repetition of the affirmation and the sensation of touching the beads. This can help anchor the affirmation in your mind, making it easier to remember and internalize. Each time you feel a bead while reciting the affirmation, you create a positive association between the affirmation and the physical sensation of touching the bead. This reinforces the affirmation, making it more likely to become a deeply held belief.


How to use Mala beads for Affirmation?


  1. Choose an affirmation: Select an affirmation that resonates with you, such as "I am strong and capable" or "I am worthy of love and happiness."
  2. Hold the mala: Hold your mala in your right hand, draped between your middle and index finger. Start with the first bead after the guru bead.
  3. Repeat the affirmation: Repeat your affirmation by using your thumb to move from one bead to the next by pulling the mala towards you.
  4. Focus on the sensation: Pay attention to the physical sensation of touching the beads, and allow it to anchor the affirmation in your mind.
  5. Continue until the end: Continue repeating the affirmation and touching each bead until you reach the end of your mala.
  6. Repeat as desired: Repeat the process as many times as desired. Using the mala beads daily can be helpful, as consistent practice can reinforce the affirmations over time.
  7. Wear the mala: Wear your mala as a reminder of your intention throughout the day. Touching or looking at your mala can help you stay focused and connected to your intention.
  8. Cleanse and bless the mala: Cleansing your mala helps to clear any negative energy it may have absorbed, and blessings can help to amplify its power.


Note: Using mala beads for affirmations can help bring focus, intention, and action to your affirmations and can serve as a physical reminder of the positive beliefs you are trying to cultivate.


2) Intention Setting

Intention setting is defining a clear and specific goal or objective and aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions toward achieving it. Your RAS helps intention setting by filtering incoming information and directing your brain's attention toward what is essential and relevant to your goals and intentions.


By aligning your intentions with your RAS, you can increase your focus, motivation, and clarity of thought. When you set a clear intention and focus on it, the RAS responds by filtering information related to that intention and highlighting it in your awareness. This helps you stay motivated, focused, and on track toward your goals. In essence, the RAS helps intention setting by enhancing your brain's ability to select relevant and important information to your goals and intentions.


Mala beads help with intention setting in several ways:


  1. Focusing the mind: Moving the fingers from bead to bead while repeating your intention helps to focus the mind and bring awareness to the present moment.
  2. Reinforcing intention: Repeating your intention while using the mala beads can help reinforce it in your mind, making it more likely that you will align with it.
  3. Reminding you of your intention: Wearing the mala beads as a reminder of your intention throughout the day can help you stay focused and connected to it, even when you are not meditating.
  4. Amplifying positive energy: Many believe that mala beads can hold and elevate positive energy, which can help support and manifest your intention.


By using mala beads in this way, you can tap into the power of intention setting and harness the positive energy of the mala to help manifest your goals and aspirations. It is important to remember that intention setting is a personal process and that the role of the mala beads is to serve as a tool to support your intention, not to create it for you.







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