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Adornment is intentional beauty, a living, breathing mantra.

It is adorning yourself in alignment with your values and what feels true for you - what makes you feel empowered, confident, joyful, connected, creative, calm, worthy, and beautiful?

It is a practice of manifestation - you commit to being seen, and your adornments attract those with similar expressions and visions.

It is introducing meaningful, mindful, and conscious anchors in your physical environment that help you breakthrough the negative thought patterns and nurture empowering, positive ones.

As you weave adornment with intention, it becomes a spiritual practice by connecting your physical world to the spiritual and emotional worlds within.

about the designer

My Journey

Hey, I'm Candace, (that's me to the right of my two besties) designer and creator at My Little Mantra. I craft jewelry to adorn your journey with beautiful elements from the earth that serve as reminders to see the sacred within you and the world you inhabit.  To inspire mindfulness and devotion to the present moment, soothing anxiety and fear.

I made my first mala necklace in India in 2008. What started as a wish to create and personalize my own mala necklace for meditation and adornment quickly grew into something much more powerful. I found a state of stillness in mind and body with every bead strung and every knot in between. This became a sort of creative meditation.

My interest in yoga and meditation evolved, and I returned to India seven more times to deepen my practices. I began to rediscover and reconnect with parts of myself that had been dormant for so long. My daily meditation practice gave me a renewed sense of wonder, creativity, purpose, and confidence.

I've spent the last 15 years exploring the world of the healing arts, including Herbalism, Energy healing, Crystal healing, Nutrition, Yoga, and Meditation.

My Little Mantra was born out of an inner drive to share my experience and encourage others to cultivate a mindfulness practice and coalesce all aspects of self into one connected whole.

Every purchase has purpose

why choose us?

Our purpose: To adorn mind, body, and spirit; weaving adornment with intention. We want to inspire you to use your Mala beads during meditation as tools to count mantras, affirmations, or breaths OR wear them throughout your day to remind you of your intention, anchor you back in the present moment, and inspire a sense of creativity and calmness. 


Our values: We believe in the power of reciprocity as the most effective way to heal both ourselves and the planet. By healing Self, we are able to relate to the natural world in a deeper, integrated and more connected way. My Little Mantra is rooted in the belief that by connecting to silence through meditation and living with intention, we become still enough to remember that we are intricately woven into all of existence.
Reciprocity with the earth happens from this space. 


Our quality: Our jewelry is minimal but powerful and hand-crafted in the mystical mountains of Sintra, Portugal. Our gemstone beads are a curated collection of quality, beauty, and power. 


Our Commitment: We work with grassroots organizations devoted to having an impact in their field for the betterment of the planet and her inhabitants. Our donations are made with utmost gratitude for the dedicated work they are doing. 

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