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🙋‍♀️ Question: Are you willing to take the time to identify your core values and incorporate them into your daily decisions and actions? It may require some introspection and reflection, but the result can be a life that is truly fulfilling and meaningful to you. 

Getting clarity around mine changed everything for me.

🏹 Living your best life means embracing your values and aligning your choices with them. So, are you ready to commit to a more intentional and purposeful life?  

I've put together this workbook as a comprehensive guide that includes thirty pages filled with exercises, prompts, and activities designed to help you identify, clarify, and live in alignment with your core values. 

Through a series of thought-provoking exercises and insightful prompts, this workbook will help you understand your unique values, beliefs, and principles and provide you with practical tools to apply them to your daily life. 

Each page of this workbook is packed with valuable insights and actionable strategies to enable you to live a more authentic, purposeful, and fulfilling life based on your values. Whether you are just starting your journey of self-discovery or looking to enhance your understanding of yourself, the Authentic Core Values Workbook is the perfect resource for you. 

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