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Gaia Mala

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Gaia, the Earth Goddess, Pachamama, Mother Nature.  From her you derive strength, power, energy, and WISDOM. You habitually find ways to connect with her energy whether through walking barefoot on grass, meditating with crystals, taking long walks in nature, and reducing your carbon footprint whenever possible. Witnessing how all things are interconnected reminds you that Gaia is an extension of you.

108 beads at 8 mm each.

This mala hangs approximately 23 inches including the 3.5 inch tassel.


Nurturing  ~  Protection  ~  Manifestation
It comes in many different colors and is known as the 'Supreme Nurturer' and provides support and protection during stressful times and absorbs negative energies.  It balances dualities in life and helps to align the physical, mental and emotional bodies.  Jasper provides courage to assertively tackle problems and promotes organizational abilities.  It aids in quick thinking and stimulates the imagination making this the perfect stone to help you transform ideas into reality and manifest the life you desire.

Unconditional Love  ~  Forgiveness  ~  Intention
The stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It its by far the most important
crystal for healing the heart and the heart chakra and is often referred to as the
"Love stone" as it is helpful in attracting all forms of love from self-love, platonic love and of course romantic love. Rose quartz opens you heart, releasing unexpressed emotions and heart ache, so that you can be more receptive, forgiving and accepting of yourself and others. This IS the stone of unconditional LOVE. Use this stone with positive affirmations and rest assured that the power of this stone will enhance that energy. Set your intentions and then observe as they unfold.

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