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The story is simple.  BE LOVElet passion fuel you on your life's
mission and let love be the vessel which carries you on your
JOURNEY surround yourself with beings who INSPIRE your
dreams and find ways to make their DREAMS come true.
MEDITATE often.  connecting with stillness brings clarity and
WISDOMfind yourself, and when you do, love every ounce of
what you have found.  Write your own mantra and SING it at the top
of your lungs the second your eyes open in the morning so that
you can show up in the world a truer, more AUTHENTIC version
of yourself.  TRAVELsee the world through your own eyes and
let that motivate your CREATIVITY BE KIND to yourself and
remember the creative forces of your thoughts.  be kind to others
and remember the power of your SMILE.  find a sustainable way
to create change in your COMMUNITY and don't forget that
change begins from within.  be COURAGEOUS.  harness that courage
to go out into the world and SHINE your LIGHTLAUGH till you cry
and CRY till you laugh.  BE COMPASSION.  overstand that just because
someone is on a different path, doesn’t mean it’s the wrong one.
and when you’re feeling sad, remember that

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