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The journey of My Little Mantra began in 2013 on my second trip to India. After living the simple life in Tulum, Mexico for over 5 years, I was introduced to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga and fell in love with the discipline, dedication and clarity that I felt after every practice. And so I decided to go to the source and delve deeper into the lineage.    
  This is where I made my first mala. What started as a desire to create and personalize something that i could wear as a reminder that ‘what I can dream, i can achieve’, quickly grew into something much more powerful. I found a state of stillness in mind and body with every bead strung and every knot in between. This became a sort of creative meditation.
   The seed was planted. My interest in this meditative/creative process evolved and the number of malas grew. I would give them to friends as gifts, then came the custom requests for specific designs, and suddenly My Little Mantra blossomed into a small business that has allowed me to connect with so many interesting and inspiring people around the globe.
   I still love, value and cherish the process of making malas. As business grows, I intend to keep it at a level where I can continue to make them myself, with as much love, intention and attention to detail as that very first mala.

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