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Be Fearless Mala


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For the fearless.  You face the world with your head held high and courage in your heart.  You see the trials and tribulations of life as opportunities to grow and propel you in the direction of your highest potential.  You manifest your dreams because you believe in yourself and you are not afraid to fail and when in doubt, you write those fears in the sand and watch as the waves take them away. 

The fearless live by the mantra 'I am fearless in the pursuit of what set my soul on fire.'

108 beads at 8 mm each.

This mala hangs approximately 23 inches including the 3.5 inch tassel.


Nurturing  ~  Protection  ~  Manifestation
It comes in many different colours and is known as the 'Supreme Nurturer' and provides support and protection during stressful times and absorbs negative energies.  It balances dualities in life and helps to align the physical, mental and emotional bodies.  Jasper provides courage to assertively tackle problems and promotes organizational abilities.  It aids in quick thinking and stimulates the imagination making this the perfect stone to help you transform ideas into reality and manifest the life you desire.

Transformation  ~  Clarity  ~  Illumination
A stone of the mystics and offers transformation and magic.  It banishes fears insecurities and negative energies while strengthening ones resolve.  It is said to provide insight and clarity into your destiny and life's purpose and attracts success in these areas.  Labradorite vibrates the energy of self-confidence and reduces stress and anxiety.  As it is works directly with the third eye chakra, it enhances intuition, psychic development, esoteric wisdom, and mental illumination.

Change  ~  Balance  ~  Support
has the power to accelerate change.  The strong energy of this stone will speed up any internal or external process that you may be experiencing.  It brings a balancing effect and helps you move swiftly through change.  This stone is a team player and enhances and supports the healing properties of other stones.

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