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Yemaya Bracelet

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Yemaya, Goddess of the oceans, is often depicted as a mermaid and is associated with the mysteries of the divine feminine and protector of women.

Aquamarine, the sea water stone, has a very soothing energy, calms the mind and allows you to become more  present.  Legends also say this was the preferred stone of the Mermaids and was originally found in their treasure chests.  

From the Shakti Collection 

𓏸 This Bracelet is hand-knotted  with 8mm Grace A Aquamarine beads, and strung with a gold plated Whale/Mermaid tail pendent. 

𓏸 Made with adjustable shambala knot.

𓏸 Fits a 5.5-7.5 inch wrist.

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