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Trust the Process Mala

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Trusting the Process means being present and watching how things unfold with complete trust that whatever happens serves your higher good.  It means believing that the universe wants you to be happy and fulfilled. By setting clear intentions and holding your visions as sacred, all the forces conspire to make it happen. Trusting the process means knowing and accepting that every experiences is preparation for what you asked for.

108 beads at 8 mm each.

This mala hangs approximately 23 inches including the 3.5 inch tassel.  __________________________________________________________________________

Nurturing  ~  Protection  ~  Manifestation
It comes in many different colours and is known as the 'Supreme Nurturer' and provides support and protection during stressful times and absorbs negative energies.  It balances dualities in life and helps to align the physical, mental and emotional bodies.  Jasper provides courage to assertively tackle problems and promotes organizational abilities.  It aids in quick thinking and stimulates the imagination making this the perfect stone to help you transform ideas into reality and manifest the life you desire.

Abundance  ~  Centring  ~  Divine Communication
A stone that bridges earth and heaven and is sacred to native America. It is a stone of abundance in all forms bringing good fortune and peace. Turquoise enhances communication with the physical and spiritual world and is a powerful energy conduit
that helps release insecurities, inhibitions, and self-sabotaging patterns. It is a stone that brings you back to your centre and supports you in challenging times while encouraging you to act from authenticity, love and compassion.


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