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Ixchel Bracelet

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Ixchel, The Mayan Goddess of the moon, love, gestation, medicine, and of the arts.  Seemingly gentle and unassuming, the force of the moon possesses great power. It directs the tides, lights our way in the night and invokes quiet introspection.

Moonstone has the ability to channel this Lunar energy,  and is deeply connected with the Divine feminine.  This is the stone for new beginnings, inner growth, strength, and creativity.

From the Shakti Collection

𓏸 This Bracelet is hand-knotted with 8mm Moonstone beads, and is strung with a rose gold plated, Cubic Zirconia crescent moon pendent.

𓏸 Made with adjustable shambala knot.

𓏸 Fits a 5.5-7.5 inch wrist.

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