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Solar Eclipse Blessings

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On Monday August 21, we will witness what is said to be one of the biggest cosmic events of our lifetime.  (Exciting!) The first of its kind since 1918, this solar eclipse —when the New Moon passes between the sun and Earth and partially or fully blocks the sun — will be seen by millions in North America.  Although Solar eclipses happen every 18 months or so, they are rarely ever witnessed by such a huge collective of people.  

Solar eclipses are known to be portals for personal and spiritual evolution.  As you may have noticed in the recent weeks leading up to this Solar Eclipse, emotions are wild, feelings are strong and thoughts are restless.  Everything has come to the surface to be released.  

Solar eclipses only happens on the New Moon.  The new moon represents new beginnings, so lets devote some time to clearing out the old stagnant energies and create space for new, positive goals, relationships, opportunities and experiences.

1. Make a list of your fears.

Its time to own the different fears that surface at this time.  This is a practice that takes courage and devotion to reach your highest potential.  Our fears weigh us down and halt our own personal evolution.  Writing them down on paper brings them to the forefront of our awareness so that we can release them. Get detailed, go deep, and don't hold back.  (You can burn this paper after)

2. Choose an Affirmation.

Think of an affirmation that resonates with you.  Something that inspires you to surrender your fears and tap into that inner strength and wisdom that you know is within you.  For example ‘My courage is stronger than my fear’ or ‘i am fearless in all that i do’ or ‘I release all energies that no longer serves me.’

3.  Meditate with your mala.

Find a quiet, uncluttered space away from all distraction.  Take a comfortable seat, holding your mala in your right hand, and begin to feel your energy and thoughts settling.  Once you feel grounded and connected to that sacred space within, begin reciting your mantra with each passing bead. Not sure how? we explain it here. At the end of your meditation, sit quietly and observe your breath and the stillness you have created.

YAY for new Beginnings!

Blessings and infinite Gratitude,



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